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    Shenke is China’s State High-tech Enterprise with patented technologies in medical pumps. Presently Shenke ranks China’s No. 1 in the industry in terms of export volume, and TOP 2 in terms of market share in China. Shenke is OEM partner of some world-class brand names of medical pumps. 
    Products in Shenke are made to very high standards: we strictly follow applicable Quality Assurance requirements, we are ISO 9001 certified and our products are CE marked. Besides, main spare parts are imported from countries boast of highly sophisticated engineering standards in order to ensure product quality. 
    Furthermore, Shenke presents a diverse portfolio of pumps ranging from syringe pumps, infusion pumps, enteral feeding pumps, urine flowmeter and infusion supervision system.
    The merge with Mindray (China’s No.1 medical equipment manufacturer listed on New York Stock Exchanges, website: www.mindray.com ) further secures our standing in the market. In March 2011, Shenke and Mindray reached an Equity Transfer Agreement, after which Mindray has been sharing its well-developed resources & platform in manufacturing, R&D, Quality Control etc. with Shenke. Backed by Mindray’s all round support we will grow faster and stronger in marketplace, as well as providing better products and service to our customer