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2004  Founded in Shenzhen, China.
2005 Obtained ISO13485:2003 certified by TUV. Developed SK-500I syringe pump, SK-600I infusion pump and SK-2000I infusion supervision system.
2005  Cooperated with new investor CMS ( China Medical System Holdings
2007  Obtained CE Mark certified by TUV, began exporting products overseas.
2008  Obtained certificate of design patent for infusion pump
2009  Obtained National High-tech Enterprise Certification issued by the Chinese government
2010  Spread the sales in domestic market and established offices in different provinces.
2010  Developed new products: SK-500III/IIIA/IIIB/IIIC multi channels syringe pump and SK-600III infusion pump and SK-2000IIA infusion supervision system. With full serials, SK was one of the few pioneers in China.
2010  Obtained CE certificate issued by TUV for 12 models products.
2010  Signed an ODM project with Terumo cooperation.
2011  Shenke Medical acquired by Mindray Medical